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Documents required for Australian tourist visa,Australia has emerged as one of the top-most liked places in this world by the tourists because of its panoramic views of beaches. According to a recent survey, if someone stays in Australia and has to discover a new beach, they can find a new beach every day for next 29 years. Australia has a lot to offer from its top-notch service and world class hospitality to scenic and breathtakingly beautiful beaches. The tourism in Australia has taken a hike in recent years and has been growing more. Australian Tourist Visa The Australian Tourist Visa allows anyone to visit Australia as a tourist from 6 months to 12 months. One can also go to Australia to meet their family and friends in Australia by taking this visa. The passport holders of any nation can apply for the tourist visa. The Electronic Travel Authority for Australian Tourist Visas is the one of the most advanced and smooth visa sanction scheme in the world. The ETA allows the people with visa labels or stamps and removes the need for application forms. The paper documentation is not at all needed in this case. Requirements of Australian Tourist Visa Anyone who has a plan to go to Australia as a visitor or for business visitor isentitled to apply for Australian Tourist Visa. For visiting family and friends, one can apply for a Australian Tourist Visa. While staying in Australia one can apply for the Tourist stream of the Visitor visa online provided they currently have a valid visa. Even while staying outside, only few people are eligible to get this visa outside. Other Rules and Regulations The Priority Service applications could be finalised within 48 hours of being inward by the Australian High Commission. The applicants who meet all the requirements are generally selected through this method. Applicants are strongly recommended to carefully judge their personal circumstances before engaging the Priority Service.Applicants should use this service only in the case if they are  not able to wait for normal priority consideration. You also like the below links:


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