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Let's discuss step by step procedure to Get PR in Australia

Let's discuss step by step procedure to Get PR in Australia Applying for PR according to one’s skill’s set The country with one of the most influential financial system and having one of the best infrastructures in this world, Australia follows a step-by-step procedure for processing the application regarding filings for permanent residencies in Australia. People who want to apply for Australia permanent residency visa in order to enjoy the same privileges as the Australian citizens can apply for this visa. Initial stages of applying visa involve submission of Expression of Interest in different categories such as SOL (Independent Category) or CSOL (State Sponsored category). In order to approve visa of any applicant, that candidate is judged on the basis of few valid parameters which includes their qualifications, skills, work experience and age, which in this case should not be more than 50. Other important parameters include IELTS score and health and character certification. Different Classes of  Australia Visa Due to increasing flow of visa applications, Australian Immigration Authorities have provided the facilities of different subclasses of visas. All of them depend majorly on one’s skill set. If the job that, you are applying for matches the criteria as asked by the Australian authorities, and is listed under CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List) then half of the job could be considered as done. The IELTS score varies for different age group but still 60 is the ideal score to make it through. The English proficiency test must be passed with flying colours by the candidate in order to apply for Permanent residency. The applicants should wait for at least one month after submission of their applications. The lucky ones who get the call from Embassy are preceded forward along with some other procedures. Those who score 55 marks in IELTS test can take help of a partner for 5 more marks in order to qualify for the permanent residency visa. Benefits of having permanent residency in Australia Staying in one of the most developed countries is an achievement for people who get permanent residencies in Australia. Having permanent residency in Australia allows the residents to work there and live there without any problem. The PR visa holders can also recommend their relatives and friends while they apply for visas in Australia in different subclasses. Once someone who applied for PR, gets it, they can easily move from one occupation to another according to their choices. The best ultimate profit, PR gives to people over there is that they can easily apply for Australian Citizenship over there after 3 years.

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