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Chairman of the National Australian Bank Ken Henry, said,"We think maybe seven million more will fit somehow into Sydney or Melbourne and by that time they'll be cities of eight million each.By mid-century, they'll be the big cities by international standards." Immigration stimulates economic growth, from simple quantities like an increased labor force, which improves GDP. What is the magic number of immigrants? Professor Goldin, of globalization and development at Oxford University said,"There's no sort of maximum threshold of people in your society which becomes too much in any absolute sense." In the UK, the people who were against immigration and for Brexit are those who live where there are few immigrants." Is immigration exquisite for a country? Dr. O'Sullivan believes,"Every problem that we have with the environment and with natural resource availability is made harder by more people. There's really nothing to gain by having more people." Infrastructure investment is the key to immigration success. "Investment is something that if you didn't do it, you wouldn't be any worse off. A recurrent cost is something you have to do in order not to go backward." The real optimal time is to attract the world's best skills while the doors of Europe and the US are likely being closed to immigration.

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