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Opulentus Visa Company is truly the best in the immigration industry. There is no exaggeration in this. They really give their best and come up with lot of options which are actually very useful for the clients. They helped me with my work permit and even offered me with post landing services which were the best service that they gave. Opulentus has given their best in my case. I would highly recommend choosing Opulentus for any kind of services and for their hospitality. Their post landing services were so useful for me. It has reduced half of my tension of travelling abroad all alone. Their provided I with an apartment very I can stay comfortably and even pick up services. They made sure that I was completely settled in the country and then left me on my own. I have approached Opulentus now again for my parents and they have extremely done a great job in assisting them. I wanted my parents to come and stay here with me with a dependent visa and I know it was not possible for them to get through the process without any guidance of the expert. Opulentus has not failed me and ensured that my parents got through the process. They dint do any cheating or did not perform any fraudulent activities as they were old and they had no idea of the processing. My parents felt comfortable and they even trained my parents for the visa interview to lessen the chances of refusal and even studied the documentation thoroughly before submitting it. They were on touch constantly and report the visa status. Things were maintained transparent and I thanks the entire team of Opulentus and the case officer specially who was dealing my parents case. Thanks for all the support and the guidance. You guys are simply the best.

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