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UK minister announced ‘No numerical constraint for student visa’

UK minister Vince Cable said that the Indian students have zero numerical constraint for the issuance for the visa, who are seeking to chase away the entanglement over its firm student visa rules and there is not numerical constraint for people who are free to visit UK with their valid visa.

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The rigorous visa rules have made it tricky for students (including Indians) to reside and work in the country after the completion of their degrees.

The minister has acknowledged the growing sensitivity of not welcoming the Indian students, and said that the students who graduate from the UK universities are allowed to work and reside and would want them for most cases.

According to Cable, a big number of Indian students approach the UK to pursue their higher studies and even succeed in making their contributions. He also added at the Ficci event by saying that around 2.50 lakh students have accomplished their course in the UK and lately the sensitivity has developed that they are not welcomed. Indian students are enormously welcomed.

Cable said that, the UK degree has virtue for money and the UK government has resolute to lift the Chevening scholarship by four times or 400%.

In order to attract the Indian students to British universities, the UK is ready to announce the new 396 scholarships and the scholarships can be applied beyond 57 British universities.

One of the for the most part open critics of the UK government’s immigration policies which have proved itself in putting of the overseas students which resulted in the sharp fall of Indian students.

Above and beyond, he said, they have adopted UK India generation program where 25,000 British students can come to India for a five year period where they can attend their summer school and look for internship etc. He said, when it comes to the UK investment, the British companies have accomplished more mergers and getting hold of the activities than a few additional investing companies over the last five years.  The major overseas investment in India is yet to finalize which is BP partnership with Reliance and it will be the top investment. When the minister is asked about WTO, he said, we want WTO to thrive and India certainly has one problem for which we have to come across the necessary steps that has to be taken.

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