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How To Get Canada Student Visa Step By Step

Studying abroad is a big dream for many students. Now the international universities are allowing the students around the globe to do different courses of different stream.  Canadian universities also provide various courses to the international students. Every year Canada welcomes more than 130,000 students around globe to take admission in the universities of Canada. how-to-get-canada-student-visa-step-by-step The candidates have to apply the Canada study permit for this purpose. After the approval of the study permit the students can study in his approved university. In some cases there is no need of study permit.

If the duration of course is less than six month then there is no need of study permit. The member of foreign armed force and staff of foreign representative can also study in Canada without the study permit. There are some eligibility criteria to study in Canada. Firstly the student must have been accepted by the concern university or the educational institution of Canada. The candidate should have enough funds for the study, accommodation and the family member who stay with him/her at Canada. One more import thing is that the candidate must have no criminal cases. Have to submit the police certificate for this purpose. The candidate’s health should be good. A medical exam may conduct by the authority before granting the study permit. And lastly the candidate should agree on a concern that must have to return to his own country after the completion of his authorized stay. Citizenship and immigration Canada has introduced various work programs for the international students. A student can able to work in Canada during his course of study. There are various work programs in Canada such as on campus without a work permit, off campus with a work permit and internship program for work experience. The spouses and the common law partners of international students can get the work permit as the duration of study permit.          

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