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Trans-Tourist-VisaThere is a new visa going to be introduced named as Trans-Tasman visa. The visa is a joint visa which allows the travelers to visit Australia and New Zealand in a single visit. The temporary arrangement of the visa has been started during the cricket world cup 2015.

The association of the tourism industry of New Zealand with Australia helped to boost tourist numbers. Some the executive members of the panel have said that New Zealand should have to strict the screening process before the implementation of Trans-Tasman agreement.

The chief executive of the association expected that the system could raise the number of international tourist by more than 140,000 during the year 2020. Proper execution of the agreement needs the good will of both the countries. Australia might be more concerned about this.

Australia and New Zealand are mostly same in traditions and cultures. The joint visa will be also a helpful approach to establish a friendly relationship between the two nations. There are lot of tourist places in Australia and New Zealand. The tourist now can visit those places of both the nations with the help of a single joint visa.

The joint visa will help the tourist to get an opportunity to move around the two countries in a single visit. New Zealand allows the visitors of Australia enter into it if the person has a visa for Australia. Australia should have to allow the visitors of New Zealand if they have a legal visa for New Zealand.

The approach of introduce the Trans-Tasman tourist visa can only be possible if the immigration authorities of both the countries accept the agreement with good cordial bond. The realization of the deal can only be possible by this.

Previously it was difficult for Asian tourist to visit both the countries due to separate visas and the expensive approach.  Now the problem might be shut out and the bilateral trade and commerce between Australia and New Zealand can be improved. Both the countries will be beneficial in financial point of view by the arrival of foreign tourist.

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