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Quality Migrant Admission Scheme in Hong Kong

Are you planning to settle in Hong Kong? If yes, then start obtaining knowledge about Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme in order to fulfill your dreams in your career. Hong Kong is the best immigration destination for those migrants who are looking forward to settle in a place with high standards of life and fascinating culture of work.

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

This scheme is an entrant scheme which is based on the quota. This scheme seeks to lure the talented persons and extremely skilled persons who want to settle in Hong Kong in order to increase the competitiveness of Hong Kong’s economy. The candidates need not have an employment offer which is secured before entering Hong Kong for getting settled. There are two tests based on the points. They are General points test and Achievement-based points test. Under this scheme the applicant can bring the spouse and the children who are dependent under the age of 18 but the applicant must be able to support their accommodation and financial needs without depending on the government of Hong Kong.

Prerequisites of Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme

The candidates should meet all the following prerequisites given below

• Age • Requirement financially • Proficiency of the language • Educational qualification • Character must be good

The skilled workers who meet the following above prerequisites should be able to score at least 80 points from among 165 points. Hong Kong is known for its rising economy, facilities which are advanced, liberal policies of immigration and lifestyle which is laid back.

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