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Willing to migrate to Denmark? If yes, you have to seek Danish visa prior to your entry to Denmark. Denmark offers various numerous career opportunities for the abroad nationals. Individuals from different countries over the world enter Denmark for different purposes, for example, education, job, touring and others. Danish Government has introduced different sorts of Denmark visas for abroad nationals based on their purpose of travel to Denmark. Accordingly, people need to apply for Danish visa to enter and work in Denmark legally. The immigration consultants of Opulentus will be ready to guide and assist individuals in their Denmark work permit process.

Denmark Visa

If individuals might want to visit Denmark for temporary periods, for example, business treks, touring or going by companions or relatives they should acquire a Schengen visa, which empowers the candidates to travel across the Denmark for a period up to 90 days within six months. Nonetheless, in order to acquire this visa it is important to meet Denmark visa requirements.

If individuals might want to live and work in Denmark they have to acquire a resident permit and Work permits of Denmark.

Work permits for Denmark:

A foreign national or non-EU national need to acquire a work permits of Denmark in order to work and live in the nation. People with specific skills that need Danish employers can apply for Denmark work permit, i.e. candidate must be skilled to fill the available vacant positions which can’t be filled by the Danish natives. The Denmark Government has presented different Danish migration schemes so as to make it less complex for the abroad people to get work permits to Denmark.

Denmark work permit schemes:

The Positive List:

This scheme includes jobs and professions which encounter labor scarcities. If people have been given an opportunity which is listed on the Positive List, then they can apply for work permit of Denmark.

The Pay Limit:

This scheme is designed for the people who could expect a pay over a certain point of confinement.

The Corporate Scheme:

This scheme empowers people to just transfer them to a branch of their firm situated in the Denmark.

Denmark Green Card:

This plan allows abroad talented experts to dwell and work in Denmark for a time of two years.

Hence, these are some of the work permits schemes of Denmark. The Denmark visa requirements change for every scheme. However, candidates must satisfy vital Denmark visa requirements in order to obtain a Denmark work permit under any of the Denmark immigration schemes.

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