Opulentus helps its clients in Australia family immigration

Australia is a nation that has umpteen numbers of opportunities for people like better work and study prospects. This country which has a rich and traditional culture is a very inviting land for overseas immigrants who wish to settle here. However, when they do make a move, they often have to leave behind their families in their home country. In order to bring your family to Australia to join you over here, you need to apply for an Australia family immigration visa. Opulentus visa consultancy is a team of strong individuals which understands your need to have your family along with you in Australia.

Australia family immigration

The people who are already Australian residents or permanent residents of the country or even belong to New Zealand can sponsor their close family members to Australia under different visa categories. These are partner visas, parent visas and child visas.

Partner visas – This includes partners and fiancés to enter and/or permanently remain in Australia. Partners could imply people on the verge of getting married, married couples and de-facto partners.

Parent visas – The parents who are having at least half of their children permanently settled in Australia, can also get a permanent residence. Those parents who have crossed a limited threshold age are eligible to apply for an onshore ‘’aged parent’’ visa which allows them to stay in the country during a connected time of visa processing.

Child visas – These visas are inclusive of dependent children, adopted children or orphan relatives of an Australian citizen or permanent resident or a New Zealand national.

Eligibility requirements for a sponsor

• Must be living in Australia
• Must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident (in case of a Resident, a PR holder for at least 2 years)
• May be an eligible national of New Zealand

How Opulentus helps you?

The name of Opulentus visa consultancy stands out amongst its contemporaries as it has been in the business of visas and immigration for more than a decade, delivering value-added services with goal-driven attitude. What makes it strikingly different is its team of experts who toil day in and day out to see to it that their clients’ desires are fulfilled. The consultants at Opulentus are well-versed with the visa rules and regulations of all the major immigration destinations. Keeping these factors in mind, we look forward to help our clients realize their dreams in a swift and timely manner!

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