Opulentus helped my family dependents in getting H4 visa

Hi! My name is Suraj. Recently, I got the opportunity to interact with the renowned visa consultancy of Opulentus for getting U.S. H4 dependent visa. Today, I am going to briefly narrate you about the same experience I had with them. They were really helpful in my family dependent’s immigration along with me to the U.S. and I am glad I went to them for assistance. Here is a brief account of all that happened with me.

When I was got a temporary work permit for U.S, I was very excited but the thought of leaving my loving wife and son behind sent shivers down my spine. Inside, I was heartbroken. Not knowing what to do or whom to consult, one day, I came across the professional consultants of Opulentus. I told them about my quandary and they gave me reassurance that they would help me out and get my problem sorted out. I was greatly relieved. Next, I was told about all the procedural requirements for getting the H4 dependent visa and I started working on their advice to complete the documentation process. Within no time the day of interview was also scheduled and soon after, I got the visa as well.

I am now a happy man who is not only relocating to his dream destination but also taking his family along with him. It will truly be-‘’Home away from home’’ and all because of the capable efforts of the staff and consultants at Opulentus. My experience with Opulentus has left me amazed that on one hand these people are so friendly and on the other, they exhibit such deep sense of responsibility and commitment. Thank you one and all at Opulentus for your timely aid in getting visa approval. Without you I couldn’t imagine going abroad to U.S.

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