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Opulentus If yes, gain detailed information on the Canada express entry program that is going to launch from 1 January 2015. Canada is a bilingual and diverse culture country with English and French as official languages. Most individuals from overseas nations prefer to move to this peaceful nation, as it is one among other developed nations that provide wide-range of employment and career opportunities.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has recently launched an immigration program called as express entry for skilled workers of various domains. This new scheme encompasses many modifications like greater accessibility to individuals from various fields, less processing time and more focus on quality of requests.

How express entry program works?

In this new express entry scheme, an individual has to submit his or her expression of interest by documenting their credentials like experience, education, qualifications and many more. Under this new program, initially potential individual creates his or her profile in express entry though online.

  • All the concerned authorities compare the credentials of one individual with others and offer some rank for every individuals based on their credentials like language proficiency, education, experience and more.
  • And applicants without job offer can also apply to this new scheme by registering themselves in Canada job bank. Job bank is a platform that distributes candidates’ credentials with the employers who are seeking the workers.
  • After reviewing the profile of each candidate he or she will be placed in the pool of individuals for express entry
  • If he or she is selected by any of the employers, then they will be offered an invitation letter to apply

After getting selected for express entry scheme, an individual is allowed to apply for permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Provincial Nomination Program (PNP), Federal Skilled Trade program (FST) or Federal Skilled Worker program (FSW).  Know more about the express entry program and its latest norms by approaching the professional migration consultants of Opulentus.

Why Opulentus?

The expertise team of Opulentus helps its clients realize their overseas dreams effortlessly and without many hassles. When coming to aspect of proffering of best visa services, Opulentus migration consultancy agents ranks top. We offer excellent immigration services for almost all top hotspots visas such as UK, Canada, Australia, US, Hong Kong, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and many more. We act as a one stop destination for every query that you have.


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