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Hi everyone! This is Amit, I am very glad that I approached Opulentus for the USA visit visa process. The visa consultants at Opulentus are really talented. They are aslo updated with all the latest laws of visa. I was surprised by seeing their services towards clients.

I am very passionate about travelling various tourist destinations. I am an Indian and visited all the major tourist places in India. I thought that it’s the time to move abroad to view other country attractions. Being an Indian, I need the US visit visa in order to travel to the US. However, I have no idea regarding visa process and it’s the first time I am moving to foreign country for a short period of time.

I came to know about Opulentus visa consultancy and approached them for the visit visa application process. They way they addressed me and their explanation about the US visit visa process is superb. They also suggested me some of the top tourist attractions of the US. My visa process to the US was hassle free because of Opulentus immigration consultant’s assistance. As it was my first abroad visit I was a bit tensed, knowing this Opulentus also offered me an amazing post landing services. The accommodation provided buy them is superb.

Thanks to Opulentus for making my US trip much memorable. 

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