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Hi all, this is Chris from Bangalore. I am here to tell about my experience with Opulentus. I learned about this visa company through my aunt long back. It was more like a random thought and I never thought I would approach them one day.

I have a long time girl friend from Vietnam. One day she invited me come to her place. I planned everything and even booked the tickets. However, I was not sure if I would get a visa as some visa agents said they don’t do it.

Then I went to Opulentus. I learned from them that Vietnam gives tourist on arrival visa. However, they told me that I need to first submit a few documents including to and fro air tickets besides reasons for going to Vietnam.

I handed over all the documents. Within a couple of days, Opulentus people called me up and said that my visa was granted and I would be given the same upon entering Vietnam.

 Opulentus handled the case so neatly. I am really happy about the way they dealt with me. Right from receiving me to informing me about various updates, Opulentus staff was continuously in touch with me. The best part is that Opulentus also telephoned me when I was in Vietnam and enquired if everything is ok.  I really like Opulentus.

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