Opulentus complaints

Opulentus, the world’s renowned immigration consultants, which had been catering to various immigration needs, also has an exclusive desk for complaints.

Clients, who have availed our services, are welcome to approach us with genuine complaints. We assure that they do not turn back without availing our appropriate solutions to their raised complaints.

Opulentus do not discourage any one who approaches us with their concerns in the form of complaints. They are valued by paying attention to their grievances and assign them to relevant sections of complaints department.

The concerned professionals take care that their case is understood properly by analyzing the root cause of the problem and provide right solutions with regards to their complaint.

If someone approaches us that his or her visa got rejected or there is a delay in the visa, we suggest appeal services to our clients and if they plan to take our services regarding this we are ready to assist them with our services.

Opulentus complaint desk forwards the accepted case to the professionals who handle appeal services, provide guidance on requirements of appeal services, preparing  for a visa interview if required and see that the chances of success is high.


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