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Is Immigrating to Australia beneficial for skilled workers?

Australia is widely known for plethora number of natural attractions, historical landscapes, beguiling wildlife, picturesque buildings, escapade destinations, tranquil ambience and urban prettiness and many others. Alongside top-notch tourists’ attractions, this happiest and vibrant cultured country is also well-known for exceptional employment and career prospects. This is also a much sought after location for skilled individuals who would like start their new career and to come up in flying colors.

Every year, the count of overseas nationals’ immigration to Australia is increasing day by day, as the availability of job and career prospects are more when compared to other developed nations.

Immigration to Australia

Australia is one of the adored destinations to reside and work, as the crime rate and unemployment rate of the country is very low. An overseas skilled worker who possesses special skills and abilities and is willing to explore his or her ideas can relocate to this beautiful nation. With the rise in demand for skilled workers in various fields such as street marketing, hospitality, manufacturing, telemarketing and many others, the immigration policies of the country were made more flexible to attract more applicants from across the globe.

An overseas skilled individual wishing to migrate to Australia must possess the valid visa of the country by approaching the professional immigration consultants such as Opulentus for assistance and to fulfill your aspirations at the earliest. Australia skilled immigration There are two major visa options that an overseas skilled worker can make use of to immigrate to this country successfully such as Australia Skilled Independent visa subclass 189 and Australia skilled nominated visa Subclass 190.

Australia Skilled Independent visa is a special visa category for skilled workers to immigrate to their dream destination without obtaining any sponsorship from state or territory, employer or a family member. This visa class lets an individual to stay and work enduringly in Australia. If required, all the eligible family members can also be included in the visa application; however he or she has to score minimum points in the points test.

Requirements to migrate to Australia under Subclass 189

• Must possess the valid invitation letter • Age under 50 years • Nominated occupation must be in SOL • Competency in English Language • Must score minimum 60 points in Points Test • Valid visa of the country

Why Opulentus?

Focused and dedicated professional firm of Opulentus understands the needs of prospective immigrants and act accordingly. Its well-trained expertised team not only aid a client in entire process of applying but also guide in regards to the umpteen number of career and employment opportunities that are present in their dream country.

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