Opulentus helped me to get Hong Kong QMAS visa

HI this is Sana,

I am here to share my experience with Opulentus assistance in Hong Kong immigration process. Since childhood, I have dreams to settle abroad but due to lack of knowledge I haven’t tried to move abroad.

But one fine day, I have met my friend who is planning to migrate to Australia for work. She was quite excited about her trip and was telling about all the things over there. After hearing all these, I was a bit excited and willing to started thinking about my abroad plans. Then soon next day I met her again and asked about the costs incurred and how did she get the visa. Then she told me about Opulentus and insisted me to approach the firm. I too was impressed by the way she told about the visa consultancy and rushed to Opulentus to help me out.

I approached Opulentus immigration consultants and expressed my interest in migrating overseas. The visa counselors have studied my profile carefully and came up with the solution. They asked me to immigrate to Hong Kong under quality migrant admission scheme because that visa option best suits my profile. Then I agreed to go with their decision and decided and applied for Hong Kong under quality migrant admission scheme.

The visa consultants have explained me the entire procedure of Hong Kong migration and asked informed with all the requirements and tests that are to be taken under the scheme. They have well explained about the immigration procedure and eligibility criteria. Moreover, I was guided well with how to score maximum points under the immigration point calculator. They insisted me to choose general skilled points system under QMAS. With their assistance, I was scored adequate points under the points system and successfully filed an application for the visa.

After some days, I got a call from Opulentus saying that my visa application was approved, and visa will be given within few weeks. After hearing this, my happiness knew no bounds, and I just remember the words of my case officer who said that all goes well.

I was very happy with the assistance and service that I have received with Opulentus. I would never forget the visa consultancy and would refer the firm to all those who are in need of immigration consultancy.

Thank you very much for everything you have done to me.


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