Hong Kong QMAS

Are you planning to migrate to Hong Kong? Looking for best visa option? Then, Hong Kong QMAS will be right option for Hong Kong immigration. Do you know the Hong Kong immigration process? Well, the immigration consultants of Opulentus assist you and guide you in Hong Kong immigration process.  Hong Kong is developed as one of the well-known destination for immigration. The nation is one of the thriving economies and a best place in Asia to make a business or look for livelihood. It has made a place for itself by offering great work opportunities and high standard of life for immigrants. The nation is facing several skill shortages in different sectors, thus, it attracts abroad talented people to relocate to Hong Kong in order to fill the accessible opening and improve the nation’s economy.

Why to relocate to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an economic center and gives a sufficient number of business and jobs opportunities. The nation is one amongst the open and element economies everywhere throughout the globe. There are a few reasons why individuals pick Hong Kong Immigration. A percentage of the significant reasons of Hong Kong immigration are, strong economy, striking area, advanced facility, low crime rate and liberal immigration strategy. Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is one of the best and ideal choices to relocate to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong QMAS

The Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is an entrant quota based plan intended for abroad skilled people to remain and settle in Hong Kong in order to progress the nation’s economy. Under this plan, people don’t require an earlier employment offer to go into the nation. On the other hand, candidates need to meet Hong Kong QMAS Requirements and get qualified in the Hong Kong QMAS Points Calculator to continue for further Hong Kong QMAS visa process.

Hong Kong QMAS Requirements

  • Age over 18 years
  • Enough finance
  • Good character
  • Language proficiency either in Chinese or English
  • Educational qualifications

Other than meeting the aforementioned requirements candidates must should also get qualified in the Hong Kong QMAS Points Calculator by securing minimum points in any of the General Points Test or Achievement-based Points Test. For General Points Test, candidates need to score at least 80 points out of 165 points and for Achievement-based Points Test, 165 or 0 points are awarded.

Why Opulentus?

The immigration consultants of Opulentus are talented and skilled individuals who assist individuals in their immigration process to the destined destination. Till date, Opulentus have successful processed a record number of visa applications. Clients who approach Opulentus gain a complete satisfaction and recommend other to approach Opulentus whenever they are in need.


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