Study in top universities in Norway with PhD General visa

Norway is an associated member of Schengen with a rich historic background of Nordics and Vikings. It has sublime climate and naturally beautiful surroundings. It is home to some of the best educational institutions which are known world-wide for their learning and knowledge. Pursuing a PhD degree at one of its well-known colleges and universities is a great way to provide leeway to your career growth and employment prospects. To avail this opportunity, you need to apply for a PhD General visa. If you are on the lookout for some professional help, a visit to Opulentus visa consultancy will prove to be highly beneficial.

Why choose Norway for your PhD?

Norway is a resourceful nation which believes in ‘’ education for all’’, meaning there is no tuition fees for higher education like pursuing PhD. Norway has an excellent and strong university system, with a conducive environment which facilitates research and development.

Popular institutes in Norway which offer PhD

• Akershus University College
• Bergen National Academy of Arts
• Bergen University College
• Oslo National Academy of Arts
• Oslo School of Architecture and Design
• Oslo University College

Advantages of studying PhD in Norway

• Good and supreme quality of education at the PhD level
• Serene atmosphere which is conducive for learning
• Teaching methods are easy to understand and follow
• Friendly inter-personal relationship between students and professors
• Almost all Norwegians speak English so communication is not a problem

Why choose Opulentus?

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