Bali set to launch promotional campaigns to aid the foreign tourists

Bali sets to target 4 million overseas visitors during 2015During the year 2015, the provincial government of Bali is anticipating the surge in overseas national tourist’s count of 500,000. On an average, they are expecting a minimum rise in tourists’ figure of four million in 2015, according to provincial tourism officer, Anak Agung Gede Yuniarta Putra. He also added that Bali would surely see a rise in travelers figure to 3.5 million.

In response to the estimation of rise in tourist figure, the concerned tourist authorities of the country have planned to introduce a few of the advertising campaigns, making use of modern information technologies and also through the direct promotional activities.

The tourism ministry of the country further noted that they are expecting this rise, because of which the new visa free facility is being offered by their country to the Japan, Australia, China, Russia and South Korea.

The existing government of the country is also planning to set up Rp5 billion aside for the promotional activities. During the first ten months of the previous year, around 3.2 million people have arrived in the nation and it has already taken the tourist count to 3.5 million during November and December months of 2014, according to Yuniarta.

Among all developed overseas nations, the largest number of visitors they receive from all over the world are the Australians.

Yuniarta said tourists from Australia are still the largest among foreign visitors to Bali.

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