Apply for a Netherlands EU Blue card with the help of Opulentus

The Netherlands lies mainly in Western Europe. Although it may not be a big country but it is densely populated. Like most other overseas nations, it attracts people of other countries to come and settle here for the purpose of work. In order to work in Netherlands you must be an EU Blue card holder. Applying and getting this visa can be a lengthy and arduous process. Hence, it is best to consult an immigration consultancy like Opulentus which has the solution for all your visa related issues.

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue card is a resident permit which is given to employees who are highly qualified workers within the European Union. For getting the EU Blue card, one has to meet certain eligibility criteria such as wage and training requirements. It is not necessary to get sponsorship from an employer in Netherlands for this but it will certainly expedite the process in case you are sponsored.

EU Blue Card requirements

The below mentioned requirements must be met by an individual who aspires to hold the EU Blue card:-

• Should have a valid passport
• Should not have a criminal record or police offense
• Must take a health care insurance in the Netherlands
• Must undergo a medical examination like a test for Tuberculosis (where applicable)

Other conditions to be met

• You should have an employment contract for a highly qualified job which lasts for 1 year at least
• Must meet the wage requirements
• Should have completed a higher educational degree of 3 years

How Opulentus helps its clients?

Opulentus visa consultancy is not a new name in the field of immigration. As a visa service provider, it has been catering to the needs of its clients for over a decade now. It provides help for obtaining visas for all the leading immigration countries like Canada, Australia, US, UK, Netherlands and much more. If you want to avail such affordable and reliable services, you should approach Opulentus without further delay!

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