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Opulentus Made Me US Trip Much Memorable

Hi everyone! This is Amit, I am very glad that I approached Opulentus for the USA visit visa process. The visa consultants at Opulentus are really talented. They are aslo updated with all the latest laws of visa. I was surprised by seeing their services towards clients. I am very passionate about travelling various tourist destinations.

Dhaka anticipates withdrawal of UAE visa restrictions for Bangladeshis

Dhaka is anticipating the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to take out tough limitations on the access of Bangladeshis and to recommence hiring employees by granting work visas, besides visas for visitors and businessmen, at the time of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s visit from 26 to 27 October 2014. The sources also said that hectic discussions

President Obama intends to use his executive powers to push the limitation of immigration reform

President Obama in one of his speech last week, where he promised the Hispanic audience that will continue his fight for the immigration reform. Obama has renewed his pledge to continue his fight for the immigration reform when he had a conversation with the congressional Hispanic caucus institute. President intends to use his executive powers