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Australian visit visa through Opulentus

Australia is the most desirable destination and is the largest island in the world. The country is a stable continent with culturally diversity and democratic society with the strongest economic conditions in the world. Australia is a friendly and multi-cultural country which encourages foreigners to visit, work, study or live in Australia.

There are many tourist attractions in Australia which attracts the foreign tourists to visit the country. From beaches to nightlife the country provides the best tourism for a perfect holiday. Few attractions in Australia are Sydney, gold coast, Fraser Island, Ayers rocks, Kakadu, the Kimberley’s, National Park, Cairns, Whitsundays, great ocean road, Tasmania and many more. Every traveler who wishes to visit Australia must obtain a visit visa to enter the country.

Individuals who apply for an Australian visa must know what kind of visa they require.

Visitor visa

A visitor visa is a temporary entry permit for an individual to enter Australia for any purpose.

Tourist visa

A tourist visa is for the individuals who want visit Australia for a holiday or recreational purpose, or to visit family/ friends and is valid up to three or six or twelve months.

Opulentus will help the client in understanding the entire procedure and guide them throughout the process.

Required documents for tourist visa

There are certain required documents that every individual should fulfill, while submitting the application for an Australian visa.

The applicants should not provide any original copies unless asked

  • Application form filled and fee charges
  • Personal documents ( passport, photos, certificates, etc)
  • Purpose of visit ( documents regarding the purpose)
  • Financial documents
  • Employment details
  • Health and character documents
  • Letter from AusAID minister

Opulentus visa consultancy helps the clients in gathering documents and process the on their behalf. Opulentus allotted case officer guides the clients and make sure the client meets the requirements.

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