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Germany is one of the best places to visit and settle. With decades of historical significance to its credit, Germany has been coming under the spotlight over the years. Of late, this country, which is considered as one of the powerful nations in Europe, is even vying for the top slot in terms of attracting foreign talent. You must now be wondering over bagging an opportunity in Germany, as it’s known that many companies in Germany actually recruit foreign talent only after personal rounds of interviews. To give fair chance to such international prospective employees and to fill up the gaps in the skilled sector, Germany high commission long back introduced Germany job seeker visa. Germany job seeker visa: As the name suggests, whoever wishes to enter Germany and search for a job can apply for Germany job seeker visa provided the person meets the following requirements.

  • 15 years of education
  • At least three years of work experience in the same domain
  • Six months bank statement
  • Passport with one year validity
  • Proof of funds to support your stay in Germany for six months
  • Reference letters
  • Residence proof
  • Motivation letter
Benefits of Germany job seeker visa: When you are on job seeker visa, you can move and reside in any part of Germany for a period of six months. If you get a job during these six months, you need to apply for Germany work permit. Otherwise, you must return to your country of origin. Opulentus support: Germany job seeker visa involves many steps and it’s always advisable to approach visa consultancy like Opulentus. We process Germany job seeker visa on time and with utmost care. It’s not exaggeration to stress that the success rate of Germany job seeker visas processed through Opulentus is high. Apart from processing this type of visa, we also provide you post landing services. We will search for a right accommodation in Germany and offer pick-and-drop service from the airport. Once you get a job, we will convert your job seeker visa to Germany work permit. Approach Opulentus today.

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