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Acquire Knowledge about Norway Schengen Visa

Are you willing to have a best holiday trip abroad? Interested to visit Norway? Well, Norway is a comely place to visit where its beauty attracts many tourists towards its shores of breath taking landscapes, striking landscapes and steep sided fjords.

About Schengen visa:

Schengen visa is a short term visa valid for a period of three months in Schengen zone which consist of 26 European nations. Schengen visas are approved for the purpose of tourism, sightseeing, business, visiting friends or family members and it is not required for work or residence permit.

A Schengen visa is approved to the applicant for one condition where they should leave schengen zone prior to the expiry of visa. Applicants who successfully got the Schengen visa are allowed to visit Norway and other Schengen nations for 90 days which permits NON-EU nationals.

People who are willing to work or reside in Norway for more than three month, then they are required to apply for a residence permit which is not allowed to apply while residing in country through Schengen visa. If you are willing to work or reside in the country beyond the authorized period, then you are supposed to file an application to the required permit.

Schengen visa requirements:

Applicants should have the following required documents for the approval of the Schengen visa

• Valid passport • Adequate funds • No crime records • Travel tickets • Health insurance • Parents approval in case of minor

Individuals are required to apply via online for the Norway visit visa application who abides by the required eligibility criteria and requirement. Norway visit visa is approved by Embassy which verifies the properly filled application along with the required documents. Generally, it takes approx 15 working days for processing the visa and may even vary depending on the case of the individual. Why Opulentus?

Opulentus is the best and leading visa consultancies for the overseas. Opulentus is well known for the indulging amazing immigration and visa consultants. It guides and assists individuals with the experienced and qualified professionals in resolving all the queries regarding the Norway immigration through Norway Schengen visa.

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